Strawberry Perl

Strawberry Perl 5.28

It is an environment that enables you to create Pearl applications
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Strawberry Perl 5.1 is the latest version of this program. It is open source binary software, which support CPAN, developed by Vanilla Perl Project. Strawberry Perl is a comprehensive tool for developers and programmers working with Perl language and Win32. We can download this program quite easily from the developer’s website. After installation, we can access the program via Start, Programs, and Strawberry Perl. When clicking in the folder we can select from seven options for CPAN Client window, CPAN Search online, Perl 1.10 Documentation, direct link to Strawberry Perl Website, Uninstall Strawberry Perl and Win 32 Perl Wiki. CPAN Client window gives access to a comprehensive network of Perl libraries and archives, resources, links, sites, maps, etc. The CPAN Search online gives instructions on getting modules, scripts, Perl source code, documentation, FAQ, etc. We can develop object-oriented programs, create WebPages and update them, generate scripts, manage our files, and many more. We are allowed to make amendments to the program. We can distribute it freely. It has been designed specially for Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 operating systems. There is a support community, help files, tutorial, and many useful links. We can share ideas, knowledge, improvements, make, and answer questions, chat, meet other users, report bugs, etc.

Review summary


  • Open source
  • Can be distributed
  • Easy downloading and install
  • Support community
  • Unlimited access to CPAN content


  • None
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